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Retail Supervisor

Retail Supervisors work with the personnel of retail outlets. They supervise and coordinate employees of retail stores.

Duties and tasks

  • Acting as a liaison between customers and employees
  • Consulting with retail managers on hiring practices
  • Demoting and dismissing employees as required
  • Ensuring customers receive service
  • Offering advice and constructive critiques to employees under supervision
  • Supervising employees during shift work
  • Working with retail managers to develop schedules for employees

Skills required

  • Ability to perceive when others are in need of help
  • Active listening
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Speaking and other oral communication
  • Use of logic, reason, and critical thinking

Working conditions

Retail Supervisors may work in a variety of retail outlets and establishments. These can be clothing stores (either chain or boutique), electronics stores, speciality stores, general stores, department stores, discount stores, etc.

Professional associations / Industry information

ARA Retail Institute
National Retail Association

Related jobs and job titles

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