How to become an air transport professional

In the sky and on the ground, manage the safe and orderly movements of aircraft, passengers, and cargo.

What does an air transport professional do?

Air transport professionals include pilots who fly aeroplanes and helicopters, air traffic controllers who manage the safe and orderly flow of aircraft and flight attendants who manage the aircraft while in operation.

Duties and tasks

  • Air traffic controllers play an important role in the safety of the aircraft including maintaining communications and monitoring the movement of the aircraft.
  • Controllers assist pilots during take-off, landing and throughout the flight. They also provide assistance and guidance in the case of emergencies.
  • Flight attendants manage the aircraft while in operation and are involved in serving food, demonstrating safety procedures, assisting with the flight and ground crews.
  • Pilots fly aircrafts and follow strict operating policies and procedures to ensure the safety of the crew and passengers.
  • Pilots complete pre-flight preparations and checks to ensure the safety of the aircraft.

Industry bodies

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  • Flying instructor
  • Helicopter pilot
  • Military pilot
  • Terminal area controller
  • Tower controller
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