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If it’s been a while since you picked up a textbook or you’re a bit unsure about how to study online, a short course in study skills will help get you ready for uni.

We offer a selection of introductory subjects to get you up to speed. As an added bonus, some of these subjects might count as an elective towards your degree. You may also be able to get government support to help with your fees—see Financial options for more information.

Here's our shortlist of courses that cover topics like the basics of online learning, essential academic skills, academic writing, and maths.

Study tools including notepad, ruler, calculator, protractor, and backpack.

Learning strategies

Non-Award MUR-UPP001

Introduction to Uni Culture

Undergraduate USA-SSK10

Tertiary Learning Strategies

Related degrees

Undergraduate MAQ-ARTX1000

Humanities and the World

Related degrees

Academic writing and communication

Undergraduate CUR-APC100

Academic and Professional Communications

Related degrees

Undergraduate GRF-COM101

Academic Writing

Undergraduate UNE-WRIT101

The Craft of Academic Writing

Related degrees

Non-Award CUR-UNR02

Foundations of Communication

Related degrees

Non-Award CUR-UNR01

Fundamentals of Academic Writing

Related degrees

Undergraduate MAQ-ENGX1050

Grammar and Writing

Related degrees


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Working with numbers

Undergraduate TAS-KMA100

Introduction to University Mathematics

Undergraduate TAS-XAB091

Academic Numeracy

Undergraduate MUR-MAS164

Fundamentals of Mathematics

Non-Award CUR-UNR03

Mathematics Basics

Related degrees

Undergraduate TAS-KMA002

Applied Mathematics Foundation

Non-Award CUR-UNR07

Mathematics for Science

Related degrees

Science and technology skills

Undergraduate MUR-PEN120

General Physics

Undergraduate UNE-CHEM100

Introductory Chemistry

Related degrees

Non-Award CUR-UNR06

Introduction to Health Sciences

Related degrees

Non-Award MUR-UPP004

Knowledge in the Sciences

Undergraduate UNE-MTHS100

Introduction to Quantitative Skills

Undergraduate MAQ-FOSX1025

Scientific Computing

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Online study tips and guides

How to make a tasty dinner with a packet of instant noodles

After surviving on instant noodles throughout his student years, Ho Jiak owner and chef Junda Khoo knows all the tricks to elevate this pantry staple. 

Want an easy student dinner? Try this slow-cooked Mexican beef

When we asked Simple Home Edit’s Nicole Maguire for a time-saving study night recipe, she was happy to oblige. This versatile dish only requires 15 minutes of prep—then you can just set and forget. 

The power of a workout: can exercise boost your grades?

If you’re looking for ways to improve your focus, studying longer and harder might not actually be the answer. 

Do universities check for AI plagiarism?

Have you ever used a tool like ChatGPT for university work? Universities are relaxing the rules around AI, but you can still get caught out with AI plagiarism if you aren’t using it responsibly. Here’s what to know.

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