Textbooks & study materials

Depending on your subjects, you’ll have a range of different study resources including textbooks and online study materials. Get ready to access the study resources you’ll need to complete your subjects.


Textbooks are one of the main study resources you’ll use at uni—but not all subjects have textbooks.

We list required and recommended textbooks on subject pages:

  • Required textbooks are essential learning resources that you'll refer to throughout your subject.
  • Recommended textbooks are additional learning resources that you might find useful to gain a deeper understanding.

Make sure you look up each subject you’re enrolled in and check for textbook information. You should order your books about a month in advance so they arrive in time for your study term.

We recommend you order your books online through The Co-op—they’re our preferred textbook supplier. For just $25 you can join up as a lifetime Co-op Member and get discounts on the entire Co-op range. Grab a membership application form in-store, or head online to www.coop.com.au/membership

Study materials

All subjects include online study materials. You’ll watch instructional videos and recorded lectures, listen to podcasts, follow web links, and flick through blogs and wikis. See your subject page for details about your subject’s study materials.

Depending on your subject’s study method, you may also use additional materials or attend on-campus or on site.

Study methods

You can find out which study method applies to your subject on your subject page:

100% online

Your online classroom is flexible and convenient—most subjects offered through OUA are 100% online. When you study a 100% online subject, your classes and materials are all delivered in the online environment, also known as your learning management system, or LMS. You won’t need to step foot on campus or wait by your inbox (or postbox) for study materials.

Online and other materials

You’ll complete most of your studies online, but you’ll use some additional materials that might include printed content or DVDs.

Online and some attendance

You’ll complete most of your studies online, but you’ll need to go to uni for some hands-on practical activities, or go to your industry placement onsite.


Your uni organises your study materials, and usually they'll make them available through your LMS. But remember, you need to organise your own textbooks.

Usually, study materials are available the week before the study term starts. For online materials, your access details will be sent to the email address you supplied when you enrolled. You might have chosen to get print materials, which will be sent out to your enrolment mailing address.

If you can’t access your online study materials by the first Wednesday of Week 1 in your study term, contact your uni and they’ll sort it out. Postage can take several days for your print or DVD materials to arrive—but do contact your uni if they haven’t arrived by the end of Week 1 of the study term.