How to become an occupational health & safety professional

Assess and improve workplace health and safety.

What does a occupational health & safety professional do?

Duties and tasks

  • Collect samples of hazardous materials.
  • Conduct audits at hazardous waste sites and participates in investigations.
  • Conduct safety classes and educational programs, such as "right-to-know" programs.
  • Develop and implements occupational and environmental management plans.
  • Investigate the adequacy of exhaust equipment, lighting, temperature, etc. that could affect an employees health or work performance.
  • Maintain and updates emergency response plans.
  • Record and investigates injuries and malfunctioning equipment to identify causes and to determine how such accidents can be prevented in the future.

Industry bodies

Related jobs

  • Environmental scientist
  • Food safety auditor
  • Food safety officer
  • Food technologist
  • Health inspector
  • Health promotion practitioner
  • Health surveyor
  • Pest and weed controller
  • Primary products inspector
  • Safety inspector

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