Flex your knowledge of companies and industries to advise clients on stock investments.

Duties and tasks

  • Buys, trades and sells orders based on research
  • Daily studies and interprets data from a variety of resources to determine how a company is doing financially
  • Maintains strong communication with clients regarding transactions and potential investment opportunities
  • Manages peoples shares and makes financial decisions on their behalf
  • Meets with clients to find out specifically their investment interest
  • Promotes services to attract new customers

Skills required

  • Able to make sound investments
  • Accurately obtains information
  • Good decision skills
  • Strong math skills
  • Works well under pressure

Working conditions

Stockbrokers typically work in a large, open space business office with much of their time spent at the computer or on the phone. The typical work week is Monday through Friday, with a minimum of eight hours per day. The environment can become very hectic and stressful at times. It is beneficial for a stockbroker to know other languages if planning to utilise overseas markets.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Financial Markets Association

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Finance Sector Union (National Office)

Financial Services Institute of Australia

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