How to become a financial broker

Connect clients to lenders and help them achieve their financial goals.

Pathways to this career

  1. Complete a recognised degree in finance. This could include a Certificate, Diploma or Bachelor level qualification in a related field such as business, mortgage broking or finance.
  2. If you wish to practice as a mortgage broker, you must obtain an Australian Credit License (ACL).
  3. Consider joining industry associations such as the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) to stay up to date with industry news and meet like-minded people.

What does a financial broker do?

Financial Brokers work for a commission to research, evaluate and assist clients with financial opportunities. They manage large financial exchanges and stay on top of constant market fluctuations.

Duties and tasks

  • Analyse clients' finances and budget and formulate a strategy to meet long-term goals.
  • Ensure all transactions meet legal requirements.
  • Listen to clients' goals and values, then research opportunities to meet those goals.
  • Make transactions on behalf of clients via phone, internet, or in person.
  • Monitor markets and stay up-to-date with trends.
  • Prepare documents such as reports and statements.

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