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During enrolment, you have full control to select what you want to study, when you’d like to start, and how you’re going to pay. And in most cases, you can do it all online!

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Step by step guide to enrolling

It's our goal to make it easy to explore, choose and enrol online. We’ve broken down the main steps below. Of course, if you have questions or need help, our student advisors are available 7 days a week.


Explore and choose subjects from leading Australian universities.


Select the date you’d like to start—there’s usually a few to choose from.


Tell us about yourself so that we can create your Student Hub account.


Pay your tuition fees with a student loan or credit card.

Answers to your questions about enrolling

We’ve pulled together some frequently asked questions. But don’t worry if yours isn’t here! Just contact a student advisor.

How does studying through OUA work

You might find learning through OUA a little different to how you’ve studied in the past. It can take time to develop the skills you need for independent online study.

We connect you with subjects and degrees that are taught by leading Australian universities. You can complete single subjects, or follow a degree structure to work towards a specific qualification. Subjects are offered in several study terms throughout the year, so you can choose to study part-time or full-time, continuously or with breaks.

We help you find the subjects or degree that’s right for you, and we handle your enrolment in uni and some administration. Your uni sends you your study materials and deals with all academic matters. They’re also in charge of your assessment and graduation. If you go on to complete a degree, you’ll graduate from the uni offering your degree, for example, RMIT University or Griffith University.

Find out more about how we work.

I'm not sure what to study. Who can help me?

We're here to help you choose! Get in contact with our student advisors. They’re familiar with our whole catalogue and can help you find the right degree for you. They’ll weigh up your study history, career goals and interest areas, then suggest the perfect study path.

If you know the area you want to study but aren’t sure which degree to choose, look at OUA Pathways. They suggest the best way to start your studies, with each Pathway featuring four subjects from your interest area.

Those four subjects can be credited towards the study you take up after you complete your Pathway. You'll be able to choose from a range of degrees in your area of interest.

I'm ready to study, but how do I get started?

Great! We suggest starting slowly—you might only take one subject in your first study term. This way you can get into a proper study routine before you start worrying about multiple due-dates.

You might know that you want to study but aren’t sure which degree to sign up for. Try an OUA Pathway. OUA Pathways let you choose a four-subject introduction so you can get into the swing of studying the field you're interested in. Think of it as a way of trialling online learning, or preparing for a full degree.

Once you complete your Pathway you'll be able to pick from a range of online degrees in your interest area.

To make your life easier, most degrees have recommended study paths that list the subjects you’ll need to complete in order.

What’s the difference between enrolling and applying?

The short answer is: you enrol in subjects and apply for a degree.

But let’s break it down.

Enrolling means that you’ve chosen a subject to study, worked out your start date, and paid your fees. One of the best things about Open Universities Australia is that anyone can enrol in university subjects and study online.

Lots of students that enrol in subjects through Open Universities Australia continue their study journey by applying for a degree. It’s a clever move by students without an academic history because it proves they’re capable of uni level study.

When you apply for a degree, you need to show that you meet the entry criteria. Often, if you’ve completed a few subjects already, that’s enough to get you in. When the university accepts your application, you’ll pick your major (or specialisation) and your subjects and get on with your studies. Throughout your degree, you’ll enrol in multiple subjects, choosing your class dates and how you’d like to pay for each subject. After you’ve successfully completed all subjects in the degree, you can graduate with a qualification.

Think of it this way: enrolling in a subject is like a building block towards graduating with a full degree.

How do I enrol?

Unlike when you study through a traditional university, you can enrol you in most of the undergraduate subjects available through our website instantly. Enrol in the subjects you’re interested in, and as soon as your study materials arrive, you can start learning online.

As you start completing your subjects, you’ll eventually need to apply to your uni to formally enter your degree. Enrolling in subjects is a great way of becoming eligible and applying successfully. Check out the Registering in this degree section on the degree page you're interested in for more information.

Postgraduate subjects are different. Most of them are restricted, meaning you’ll have to apply for entry and be accepted before you can start studying online. You’ll find information about the application process on the postgraduate degree page that you’re interested in.

Enrolling is easy. You can enrol online or over the phone with a student advisor.

How many subjects can I study at one time?

We treat one subject per study term as part-time study and two or more subjects as full-time. Choose the load that works best for your study goals and your work and family commitments.

You'll need to commit at least 12 hours of study time per week, so we recommend starting with just one subject in your first study term. Our maximum study load is four subjects in a term. Before you commit to this many subjects, it's a good idea to chat with a student advisor.

Also keep in mind that during Semester 3 your workload doubles because you have less time to complete your study (it’s a short semester). You'll need to commit up to 25 hours a week for each subject you enrol in during Semester 3—making one subject a full-time study load.

Is there anybody who can help me if I get stuck?

If you’re having problems enrolling, choosing or withdrawing from subjects, or dealing with any other administrative issues—don’t stress. Get in touch with our student advisors.

Your university tutor can also help with anything related to your subjects or assessment. You’ll find contact details for academic staff with your study materials.

Enrolment advice and insights


We're here to help. Being able to provide the correct information and assist the student through the enrolment process is always satisfying.”

— Maria

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