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5 in-demand jobs you can do from home

Don’t want to return to the office? The roles on this list will give you the flexibility to keep working remotely. 

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Want a career change from teaching but not sure how?

Spoiler—you have more transferable skills than you think. By the end of this article, you may even have a game (not lesson) plan to go on.

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How to negotiate a higher salary

Not sure what to say when negotiating your salary? Follow these tips from career strategist Kelly Magowan next time you need to make your case with an employer.

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3 fascinating forensics jobs in Australia

Thinking about forensics as a career? For true crime junkies and self-confessed science geeks with a penchant for justice, it might seem like the perfect choice. But what does it take to work in forensics, and what jobs are on offer in Australia?

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4 careers in sport that aren’t athlete

Fascinated by a career in high performance sport? There are a number of opportunities you can explore that don’t require you to compete—but are just as rewarding.

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What is an economist?

Economists can have a real impact on the wellbeing of others. Let’s take a closer look at this fascinating and important profession. 

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Should I volunteer abroad?

Thinking of volunteering abroad? Alongside cultural immersion and making a positive impact to the world, a benevolent stint overseas brings with it a heightened sense of self. Here’s what to consider before you decide if you should volunteer abroad. 

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5 rewarding jobs in disability services (that aren’t support work)

If you’re drawn to a career that sees you making a difference in people’s lives every day, disability services could be your perfect fit, even if support work isn’t your goal. 

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Courses & the study experience

Help! I'm having second thoughts about my course

What happens if you make it a few weeks into your uni course and it isn’t what you expected? There’s still time to switch directions. Here’s what to do if you feel like this while studying through Open Universities Australia. 

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When is the best time of year to study at university?

Do you get a burst of energy during summer, or prefer the cosiness of the winter months? If you’re considering starting a course this year but don’t know when to enrol, this should help.   

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Booked a consultation? Here's how to prepare

So, you took the leap and booked a chat with a student advisor. Kudos! You’re one step closer to achieving your goals. Let’s look at how to prepare so you can get the most out of it.

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7 timely qualifications you can study online in 2024

Whether you’re a Year 12 thinking about changing your course plans, or a professional with your eye on a career shift, this list should give you food for thought. 

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OUAers share their unique study paths. Their current job titles may surprise you.

Choosing what to study can feel overwhelming. After all, you’re making a call on what you’d like to spend your life doing. Or are you?

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What is a Bachelor of Arts?

It’s the OG of all bachelor degrees and continues to inspire high regard for the sharp, considered and versatile graduates it produces.  

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Meet 3 athletes who are nailing the balance between work, sport and study

They’re our nominees for the 2023 Open Universities Australia Performance Lifestyle Award—and their stories are sure to inspire you. 

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How to choose electives during study planning

When it's time to pick your elective subjects, where do you even start? We asked student advisors Jayde and Puja for their top tips.  

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Study & life hacks

What you need to know about moving out of home

Starting university and thinking of moving out of home for the first time? Here’s what you need to know when you decide to fly the coop. 

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How to survive Year 12

It’s a big year—but it doesn’t have to break you. Here are our top tips for tackling Year 12.

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What’s the best music for studying?

Can the right music help you study? Let's put it to the test. Here are three Spotify playlists designed to get you into the productive zone. 

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How to make friends at uni when you study online

Sure, you won’t see your classmates every week as an online student, but you can still build meaningful, lifelong friendships. Here’s where to find them.  

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How can you start your own podcast?

With the number of podcasts out there, you may be starting to think you could create your own. But how much work is really involved in being a master of the mic?

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What is Auslan? Here are 7 facts to know

It’s a beautiful, complex and creative visual language that uses hand shapes, facial expressions and body language. And no, it’s not just English conveyed through signs.

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How long does it take to learn a language?

It’s an impressive skill, and a surefire way to make your resume stand out; but is it possible to learn a new language without around the clock study? We chat to an expert to find out.

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Your guide to the Centrelink Student Start-up Loan

Did you know that eligible university students can receive a $1,201 loan twice a year to help with the cost of their studies? Here's everything you need to know about the Student Start-up Loan.

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