How to become a research and development manager

Delve into the exciting field of new product and service development.

What does a research and development manager do?

R&D managers coordinate the research and development departments of businesses and other organisations. They typically oversee the work of a team in their quest for innovation. Whilst R&D managers’ work is administrative and interpersonal in nature, there are opportunities for research project development, reporting and presenting.

Duties and tasks

  • Seek R&D opportunities and develop strategies.
  • Manage a team of researchers and development officers and supervise work output.
  • Upon completion of research projects, document and publish results for internal or external use.
  • Stay on top of research findings, then advise on product or service adjustments and policy changes.
  • Work with other departmental staff to identify greatest research and development targets and priorities.
  • Work within a budget to decide which research and development projects are most worthwhile for the overall benefit to be gained by the organisation.

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