Use research and data to identify trends and offer advice on issues that impact business and society.

Duties and tasks

  • Analysing relationships between supply and demand and production and distribution of goods
  • Applying economic theories to real-world financial projects
  • Developing economic policy approaches and recommendations for companies, governments, and other organisations
  • Forecasting economic trends and market growths and shrinkages
  • Giving advice on financial planning, taxes, budgeting, and other economic matters
  • Preparing reports on economic situations and realities

Skills required

  • Convey complex information to co-workers and other individuals
  • Critical thinking and analysing skills
  • Keen judgment and decision-making aptitudes
  • Outstanding mathematical abilities
  • Solve complex, multi-variable problems

Working conditions

Economists may work for large corporations or non-profits. They often work for governments as policy makers or in academia as professors. A growing number of economists work for non-governmental policy institutes known as "think tanks."

Professional associations / Industry information

Economic Society of Australia

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