Demonstrator Sale

Sales Demonstrators demonstrate the use of goods and products on behalf of producers or commercial stores. They may model clothing and accessories for stores or demonstrate the use of a new product to potential buyers. They should have excellent communication skills, matching consumer interests with goods and products or persuading consumers of the benefits to be gained by merchandises.

Duties and tasks

  • Advise customers on product usage and special offers; advertise for products or brand
  • Demonstrate proper use of products and goods in stores to entice customers of the benefits to be gained by purchasing the products
  • Display or model clothing and accessories for customers, sales associates or designers to model new fashion or new store inventory
  • Distribute sample foods or small product samples for customers to try before purchasing
  • Sell products or services; take orders or direct customers to cashier and offer additional delivery or services available
  • Set up appointments at potential customers private residences to demonstrate useful products for sale
  • Set up attractive displays of clothing or goods in store, salesroom, and front window display

Skills required

  • Creativity
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Intuition
  • Persuasive Skills
  • Time Management

Working conditions

Sales Demonstrators typically work rotating shifts based on store hours and the consumer base. Sales Demonstrators may work directly for a commercial store or for a product line and travel to different stores modelling or demonstrating new products. They may also sell products on commission and set up their own appointments based on client availability.

Professional associations / Industry information

The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) has been the peak industry body representing Australias $240 billion retail sector which employs over 1.2 million people
Service Skills Australia
The National Retail Association (NRA) The National Retail Association (NRA) is Australias largest and most representative retail industry organisation

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