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In the modern age, the Tourism industry makes up a significant part of the economy, directly and indirectly providing employment to numerous individuals. Due to globalisation and modern technology, the world has grown smaller and greater amounts of information are available about places all over the world. With the ease of technology and efficient methods of transportation, tourism has become increasingly popular and appreciated.

Tourism is when people travel to destinations outside their home environment for leisure, recreation or business purposes. The tourism industry encompasses transportation services, accommodation, recreational activities and entertainment. Unfortunately, the tourism industry is often susceptible to economic conditions, resulting in a decrease in industry profits and activities during economic recessions. The tourism industry has also advanced with technology, making it easier to book accommodation, transportation and reservations online.

Careers in tourism offer many diverse roles and settings. Tourism careers include working in a hotel or resort, on a cruise ship, in an adventure sports centre, as a tour guide leading activities and historical trips, as a travel guide writer or as a driver or flight attendant. Individuals in the tourism field should have a love and appreciation for travel, strong coordination and organisational skills to coordinate trips, services, schedules and accommodation, and enjoy working with people. Many individuals pursuing a career in tourism have specialised skills and interest in particular activities such as scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, hiking, etc.

Professionals working in the tourism industry generally work nontraditional hours according to the hours of operation of hotels, restaurants and recreational centres, transportation requirements and activity schedules. Some careers associated with the tourism industry require formal educational programs such as hotel managers, pilots and other leadership roles; however, most careers in tourism require specific skill sets rather than formal education. Careers in tourism can offer exciting and unconventional work settings and opportunities.

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Careers in Tourism

Bakers and Pastrycooks

Bakers and Pastrycooks mix, prepare and bake flour and other ingredients to produce a variety of breads, rolls, cakes, pies, pastries and other baked goods. They are required to perform physical and repetitive work and need to have strong hand eye coordination. They work in a range of different settings from small bakeries selling direct to the public, to large grocery store chains or industrial plants and often work early mornings or nights.

Bakery Assistants

Bakery Assistants provide support to Bakers, Pastrycooks, Chefs and other Food Trade Workers in food preparation, storage and cleaning.

Bar Attendants and Baristas

Bar Attendants and Baristas are responsible for making, mixing and serving a variety of hot and cold beverages to customers in cafes, coffee shops, hotels, bars, restaurants and clubs.

Cafe and Restaurant Managers

Café and Restaurant Managers run the day to day operations of cafés, restaurants and other food services. They are responsible for organising and overseeing employees, catering and special events and ordering supplies for the establishment. They must ensure that the facility maintains strong customer service and adheres to all health and safety regulations.

Cafe Workers

Café Workers serve, prepare and help run the activities of cafés and other similar food services. They provide direct services to customers including taking orders, payments and preparing food. In addition, they help keep the establishment clean and promote a positive atmosphere.


Caretakers are the overseers of apartment buildings, schools, camps, offices, trailer parks and other areas which have community access. They ensure and maintain the cleanliness and safety of the common areas and act on behalf of the property owners and landlords in many ways. Caretakers often provide maintenance and repair services inside of rental units as well as maintain the grounds.

Checkout Supervisors

Checkout Supervisors (Retail Supervisors) manage and supervise the operations and workers of retail and supermarket checkout cashiers. They schedule appropriate workers and ensure that customers are met with strong customer service, efficiency and ethical standards.

Cheese Makers

Cheese Makers usually work in large factories where they develop and create cheese and cheese products. Occasionally, cheese makers may work in smaller, family run cheese making shops. They make a variety of cheeses including Swiss, Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Provolone, Bleu, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Parmesan and many others. The cheeses might be sold directly to consumers or to restaurants and distributors.


Chefs are in charge of planning menus and overseeing the preparation and cooking of meals and desserts. They often work in restaurants, dining facilities or for catering businesses and private clients such as celebrities or public figures. Chefs are completely in charge of all of the kitchen staff and delegate tasks and responsibilities to others. They must also ensure that all of the tasks are completed properly and on time.

Cleaners Commercial

Commercial Cleaners provide janitorial services to a wide variety of clients including schools, office buildings, hospitals, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, construction job sites and many others. They utilise industrial cleaning equipment as well as products to maintain a clean and healthy commercial environment. Commercial cleaners provide essential services to businesses as well as government agencies.

Cleaners Domestic

Domestic Cleaners provide an array of services to those living in homes, flats, condos and townhomes. They keep their clients homes sparkling clean and in pristine condition with high end, cleaning devices and commercial disinfecting and polishing fluids. Many working couples hire Domestic Cleaners so that they can have a neat and tidy home without spending their time to do so.

Club Managers

Club Managers handle all of the operations involved with running clubs that are licensed to serve food, alcoholic and virgin beverages as well as those that offer gambling, sporting events and other types of entertainment. They must understand the laws and regulations under which they must operate and see to it that they are strictly adhered to. This is a busy, demanding and often stressful position.

Commercial Cleaners

Commercial Cleaners use heavy duty cleaning equipment to provide serious cleaning to commercial buildings and areas. They may clean construction areas, industrial workshops, schools, offices and hospitals. They are required to perform manual work with large machines and cleaning supplies.

Conference and Event Organisers

Conference and Event Organisers coordinate a variety of services for functions, conferences, special events, important banquets as well as instructional seminars. They deal with many people from clients to specialised service providers and venues to caterers. Conference and Event Organisers are the epitome of planners and can make an event a thing for all to remember or cause it to be disastrous.


Cooks are required to perform the tasks of preparing, seasoning, tenderizing and cooking meats, seafood, vegetables and other food products. They work in a variety of venues including family style restaurants, specialised banquet facilities and catering companies. Cooks provide an important service to the people in the community as well as visitors to the area.

Cooks Fast Food

Fast Food Cooks prepare and cook specific foods that are on a restricted menu for fast food restaurants. The menus are extremely limited and this does not require any expertise or education in the culinary arts. Fast food cooks usually fry much of the foods that they serve. Food must be prepared incredibly quickly as customers wait at the counter until their order is ready.


Croupiers are responsible for overseeing gambling activities at a casino. They are commonly referred to as dealers, even if a game does not include cards. They are also responsible for overseeing proper and legal conduct during the game. Croupiers are in charge of handling all wagers and the distribution of any payouts. They usually work in casinos and other legally authorized gambling arenas, however croupiers might also be privately employed for charity "casino nights" that are licensed by local authorities.

Crowd Controllers

Crowd Controllers are more commonly known as Security Officers or Security Guards. They ensure the safety of individual people, celebrities and others who have concerns about their security in certain situations. Occasionally, Crowd Controllers provide limited investigative services for people, businesses or corporations who are concerned about a security breech or theft of property.


Divers work underwater at shallow or deep levels for commercial and law enforcement purposes. They may work for professional, scientific, technical, and tourism industries. They must have special diving certifications and adhere to high levels of safety in the workplace.

Domestic Cleaners

Domestic Cleaners wash, tidy and organise private residences. They work as live-in aids or on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. They must manage tasks efficiently and have strong attention to detail.

Event Organisers

Event Organisers work to coordinate one-off events like parties or larger-scale events like week-long conferences. They are in charge of organising and coordinating manpower and labour, as well as material effects like food and drink, presentations, venues, and decorations.

Food Trades Assistants

Assistants in the food trades prepare and food items and also perform storage and cleaning tasks. They are required to perform repetitive work such as gathering ingredients, cleaning workspaces and equipment, and storing supplies.

Gaming Workers

Gaming Workers are employed in gambling establishments such as casinos, large hotels, and racetracks. The work requires labourers to be physically fit and able to lift, bend, and crouch repetitively in varying weather conditions. They must have a strong attention to detail and an ability to multi-task in a fast-paced working environment. Fencers travel to various locations, fencing areas around residences, roadways, commercial properties, and farms.

Guides Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure Guides plan, guide and coach groups and individuals in outdoor adventure activities. They may specialise in one particular activity or offer a variety of activities for clients. They must be able to instruct clients in outdoor adventure activities, ensuring the safety of the entire group.

Hotel and Motel Managers

Hotel and Motel Managers work at the top of the service industry hierarchy. They coordinate the operations of hotels and motels and oversee areas like guest accommodations, meal delivery, customer service, financials, and other technicalities and legalities.

Hotel Service Managers

Hotel Service Managers ensure that hotels run efficiently by managing the activities of hotel service workers. They oversee work, providing suggestions for improvement; they also enforce safety regulations. They require good communication and organisational skills, as well as good customer service if they perform front desk duties.


Kitchenhands work in cafes, restaurants or other food service areas to help chefs and waiting staff prepare and serve food to customers, clean kitchen and food preparation areas and clear tables. They may be on their feet for hours at a time and should be able to work at a fast pace. Kitchenhands may be needed especially in crowded cafes or restaurants and at peak meal times to assist in the smooth and quick running of the establishment.

Laundry Workers

Laundry Workers wash, fold, sort and iron clothing and linens in large-scale laundries or dry cleaning businesses. They are required to perform manual, repetitive work with large quantities of clothing and should be able to easily categorise items of clothing for wash.

Licensed Club Managers

Licensed Club Managers plan and manage the staff and operational functions of clubs. They arrange and maintain licenses for club activities including the sale of food and beverages, entertainment, gaming licenses, etc.

Lotteries Agents

Lotteries Agents are salespersons who specifically deal with the sale of lottery tickets. They sell and pick up lottery tickets to be used in periodic lottery drawings. They should have strong ethical standards and excellent communication skills to encourage customers to buy tickets.

Managers Amusement Fitness and Sports Centre

Amusement, Fitness, and Sports Centre Managers organise and coordinate the activities of their respective facilities. They may also work in advertisement or promotion of their facilities events.

Motel Managers

Hotel and Motel Managers work at the top of the service industry hierarchy. They coordinate the operations of hotels and motels and oversee areas like guest accommodations, meal delivery, customer service, financials, and other technicalities and legalities.

Other Accommodation and Hospitality Managers

Other Accommodation and Hospitality Managers plan, direct or coordinate activities of an organisation that provides lodging and other accommodations. Other Accommodation and Hospitality Managers refers to managers of Bed and Breakfasts, campgrounds, resorts, and such.

Other Cleaners

Other Cleaners refers to members of this unit group that are not elsewhere classified. Cleaners are responsible for cleaning materials, surfaces and objects, using cleaning tools and supplies, along with other custodial duties.


Also known as a Patissier, a Pastrycook specialises in creating sweet treats for breakfast or as desserts. They work with various types of kitchen appliances to prepared pies, cakes, cookies etc. Some (head) pastry cooks have more responsibilities in the kitchen as well.


Porters may work in a variety of places, including hotels, airports, train stations, car dealerships, etc. They must have good physical abilities and interpersonal skills as they often carry luggage for passengers/hotel guests. Some porters also do cleaning and maintenance work in various types of buildings.

Shelf Fillers

Shelf Fillers work mostly in retail stores where they ensure that products are fully stocked on the shelves. The job also includes some cleaning and organising. In some cases, shelf fillers work the cash register and help customers locate what they are seeking.

Short Order Cooks

Short Order Cooks prepare foods for fast food restaurants. The job includes washing and/or inspecting ingredients and then cooking the food typically in grills, microwaves or deep-fat fryers.


Tellers are versed with the task of making banking simpler for the general public through the handling of deposits, withdrawals, and transactions in a banking institution. Tellers work with the general public on the day to day basis as front line workers at a bank.

Tour Guides

Tour Guides are an important aspect of the tourism and travel industry. These guides add to the tourism industry by providing interesting information to tourists and travelers in museums and galleries as well as other attractions throughout the world.

Tourism and Travel Advisers

Tourism and Travel Advisers assist travelers by selling transportation, lodging and entertainment activities to individuals or groups planning trips or events. These advisers offer advice on different destinations and aid in the planning destinations and itinerary during the travel event.

Travel Attendants

Travel Attendants oversee the safety and comfort of passengers in the travel industry. As an active liaison between passenger and operator, a travel attendant provides services to ensure transportation safety and conveniences throughout the airline, train, and cruise industries.

Travel Consultants

Travel Consultants offer information and advice to clients regarding travel destinations, activities and accommodation, and plan and coordinate travel itinerary. They must assess client desires and budgetary restrictions to plan and offer best information for a pleasant experience.


Ushers perform a variety of tasks in performance spaces, concert halls, sports stadiums, or other venues. They sell and collect tickets at the door, as well as show patrons to their seats once inside the venue. There is also work involved in opening and closing the performance facility.


Waiters are responsible for greeting patrons, taking food and drink orders, and looking after and checking up on guests to restaurants. As this is a service-based profession, waiters are also usually responsible for preparing the establishment to open and cleaning up after customers to close the restaurant or bar each day.

Professional associations and industry bodies

Australian Federation of Travel Agents  

Australian Hotels Association  

Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC)

The Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism  

Tourism Accreditation Australia Ltd 

Tourism Alliance Victoria 

Tourism Australia 

Tourism Council Western Australia 

Tourism Industry Council NSW

Skills and personality

  • Analytical and evaluation skills to assess programs and services and customer satisfaction to make improvements
  • Coordination and problem solving abilities working with other staff and professionals and setting up times and resources for events and activities
  • Creativity and ingenuity developing advertising strategies for programs, accommodation and services
  • Enjoy working directly with people and helping them to have an enjoyable time
  • Enthusiasm and commitment to meeting sales goals and reaching out to potential customers
  • Excellent communication skills making guests feel welcome and comfortable
  • Exceptional customer service skills assisting guests and clients and ensuring satisfaction
  • Highly organised and able to multi-task performing different tasks at the same time
  • Leadership abilities managing staff and programs
  • Planning skills, organising activities and services for clients