Vehicle and Vehicle Parts Salesperson

Vehicle and Vehicle Parts Salespersons work in retail and wholesale institutions selling automobiles, boats, trailers, part replacements and accessories. They should have some knowledge of variations of automobiles and equipment for sale and engage customers to identify suitable products and maximise sales.

Duties and tasks

  • Complete required paperwork for customers to complete their order and issue sales contracts
  • Enthusiasm and excellent communication skills when dealing with the public and encouraging sales
  • Manage daily selling activities maximizing sales with customers, taking clients for test drives and arranging visual displays of vehicles and services offered
  • Navigate vehicle database systems, searching for correct vehicle model, year, manufacturer and necessary part sizes
  • Search inventory of vehicle parts, quoting prices for customers and checking availability
  • Sell automobiles, boats, motor homes and auto parts including tyres, oil, batteries, sound systems and security systems
  • Strong customer service skills and ability to identify needs and desires of customer to show them the best automobiles, caravans and parts to meet their needs

Skills required

  • Basic Finance Knowledge
  • Problem Solving Capabilities
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Strong Customer Service and Perceptiveness
  • Time Management

Working conditions

Vehicle and Vehicle Parts Salespersons typically work during retail store hours, which may include evenings and weekends when establishments are busier. They work in indoor retail or warehouse settings but also work outdoors showing various cars, boats and caravans to customers.

Professional associations / Industry information

ARA Retail Institute
Australian Marketing Institute
Australian Motor Industry Federation
National Retail Association
Service Skills Australia

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