Buyer (Retail and Wool)

Buyers (Retail and Wool) liaise with suppliers and attend trade fairs to buy products to be resold in retail stores, and grade wool and purchase it from auctions or farmers on behalf of their clients.

Duties and tasks

  • Attend local, national and international trade fairs to assess and obtain new products
  • Build and maintain strong supplier relationships and meet with suppliers to negotiate contract terms
  • Conduct customer research and collect customer feedback to determine demands regarding products, prices and locations
  • Examine, value and buy wool from auction, shearing sheds or in brokers stores
  • Liaise with salespersons and managers regarding stock levels, sales promotions and long term business plans
  • Monitor and evaluate stock levels
  • Participate in marketing and promotional activities
  • Present new product ranges to Retail Managers
  • Study sales data to establish consumer buying trends and predict future patterns

Skills required

  • Good Mathematical and Analytical Skills
  • Organisation and Time Management
  • Strong Communication and Negotiation
  • Strong Market Knowledge
  • Willing and Able to Travel

Working conditions

Buyers (Retail and Wool) typically work long hours and are often required to travel extensively to visit clients, store branches and commodities exchanges. They may have to sit or stand for long periods of time and work within a stressful and high pressure environment.

Professional associations / Industry information

ARA Retail Institute
National Retail Association
Service Skills Australia

Related jobs and job titles

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  • Importer and Exporter
  • Retail Manager
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