Structural Steel Construction Worker

Structural Steel Construction Workers raise and position equipment and structural components to form structural frameworks. Workers have to assemble rigging gear to move scaffolding and other materials needed. Structural Steel Construction Workers work on structures, such as buildings, towers, storage tanks and bridges.

Duties and tasks

  • Connects columns, girders, beams, etc. according to blueprints
  • Dismantles structures and equipment
  • Hoists and positions metal and precast concrete components for structures
  • Raises and positions scaffolding
  • Studies blueprints and specifications to determine materials and quantities required
  • Verifies the alignment of structural-steel members

Skills required

  • Able to climb, lift, walk, balance and stoop
  • Able to move heavy objects
  • Accurately able to read and interpret blueprints and drawings
  • Comfortable standing and working on scaffolding
  • Knowledge of methods and tools used for steel construction work

Working conditions

Structural Steel Construction Workers work outdoors for long hours at a time. They need to be able to handle hot weather, wind and other elements. Workers are often employed seasonally and need to be willing to travel.

Professional associations / Industry information

Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council 

Manufacturing Skills Australia 

Master Builders Association 

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