How to become an architectural, building, or surveying technician

Provide technical support for architects and surveyors, completing tasks to ensure budget and resources are operating effectively.

What does a architectural, building, or surveying technician do?

These technicians perform technical functions for projects on sites. Their tasks can include inspections, estimations, collecting and evaluating data, and preparing maps and plans.

Duties and tasks

  • Work with architects, construction managers, and surveyors on technical aspects of work including drafting plans for roll-out of projects.
  • Manage technical progress of projects to ensure quality and compliance with design specifications, codes and regulations.
  • Create blueprints, maps and charts for planned activities and revise as needed; create schedule for completed results.
  • Coordinate contractors and construction teams and inspect work progress.
  • Evaluate designs and scheduled implementation and ensure that plans adhere to health and safety standards and building codes.
  • Keep ongoing record of estimated budgets and cost breakdown.

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