How to become an interior designer

Utilize and organise interiors to enrich living and working spaces for residential and commercial buildings.

What does an interior designer do?

Interior designers write specifications to create functional and aesthetically pleasing interior environments. They apply their solid understanding of how spaces function. They use their flare for design and decoration. Ultimately, the interiors they design enhance work efficiency and psychological well-being.

Duties and tasks

  • Create drawings, sketches or visual images of designs for clients to review.
  • Manage design production including working with necessary staff such as carpenters, furniture suppliers, architects, and decorators to construct the interior space.
  • Plan budgets and working schedules for overall interior production.
  • Recommend materials to create and enhance interior environments according to clients' desired atmosphere of living or work space.
  • Apply strong knowledge of spatial organisation, colour schemes, patterns, and material options to create interior designs.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest design concepts and popular layouts.
  • Understand the relation between technical and visual applications of furniture, lighting, and layout of spaces to create the ideal balance between functionality and appearance.
  • Work with clients to interpret their requests and offer design ideas, meeting clients' desires including overall effect and budget.

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