How to become a landscape architect

Bring harmony and function to the outdoors of cities, residential areas, and other spaces.

What does a landscape architect do?

Landscape architects plan and oversee the creation and reinvigoration of outdoor areas including parks, urban plazas, and monuments. They combine creativity with technical know-how around materials, plants, soils, and ecological factors.

Duties and tasks

  • Create designs and material options indicating current vegetation, structures and properties of proposed area location.
  • Review companies to implement design, then oversee their progress and make sure they meet specifications.
  • Offer budget and time estimates for design, materials and labour.
  • Recommend design options, maintenance and improvements on landscaped areas.
  • Research geographical and ecological features of soil, runoff, and vegetation to determine appropriate land use.
  • Work with clients and landscape professionals to meet size requirements, budget and aesthetics.

Industry bodies

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