How to become an architect

Weave ideas into city skylines. Breathe life into buildings. Create the future. Find out how to become an architect in Australia.

Begin your architecture career

  1. Complete an undergraduate architecture degree, such as a Bachelor of Applied Science (Architectural Science). 
  2. Earn a Master of Architecture.
  3. Gain at least two years of practical experience under the supervision of an architectural firm.
  4. Pass the three-part Architectural Practice Examination, which is set by the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA). 
  5. Register with your state or territory’s Architects Registration Board.


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Postgraduate CUR-MAA-MAS

Master of Architecture

Available majors

  • Level Four Subjects
  • Level Four Subjects - Honours Stream

Undergraduate CUR-HAR-CTF

Undergraduate Certificate in Architecture

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What does an architect do?

An architect is a licensed professional who drafts, draws and plans building structures. Your final responsibilities will depend on the type of firm you work for, your level of seniority, and your specialisation. 

When you're freshly qualified, you’ll be doing most of the gritty stuff, like applying for construction permits, managing day-to-day responsibilities of projects, keeping on top of project milestones and liaising with clients. Once you’ve become a registered and more senior architect, you’ll have responsibilities such as leading a team, balancing multiple projects, understanding intricate legalities, creating project budgets and overseeing construction. 

Duties and tasks

  • Meet with clients to understand their needs
  • Plan, develop and implement building designs using drawings, blueprints and construction documents
  • Compile project feasibility reports
  • Research the environmental impact of projects
  • Estimate costs
  • Determine timelines
  • Create project proposals
  • Oversee construction processes

Industry bodies

Australian Institute of Architects

As the peak body representing over 13,000 members nationally, the Australian Institute of Architects offers its members continuous career development, full access to industry resources, and access to a prestigious awards programs. 

The Association of Consulting Architects Australia (ACA)

To help those who own their architecture firms, the ACA provides support on employment practices and connects members with likeminded people. 

Registration Boards

In order to become an architect, you must be registered with your state or territory’s Architects Registration Board. Each has its own rules and regulations around registration:

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