Society, health and community

Improving global health, wellbeing and security

Study degrees and subjects that skill you up to make a difference. Get ready to engage in individual and community health and rights.

Develop a robust understanding of healthcare, the health industry, promotion, theory and practice. Study child health, disaster and famine management, nutrition and chronic diseases. 

Or, develop public policy that inspires change and sways public opinion. Serve and protect the vulnerable. Prescribe awareness of the factors affecting quality of life and debate key features of Australia’s policies and services.

You’ll investigate work and leisure, human rights or social services. Answer the call to help. Learn online and look out for the wellbeing of the individual, families and communities. 

Help yourself to a career that helps others

Study online and boost your career opportunities in a healthy, growing and diverse employment sector. Practice and specialise in a range of careers including health, welfare, and management in the public and private sector. Join the not-for-profit sector or step into a government department. Serve your community as a counsellor, social worker or child carer, or specialise as a minister of religion or an indigenous health worker.



Improve your career prospects and get accreditation from some of Australia’s peak, reputable organisations. 

Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA)
With members as diverse of nutritionists, veterinarians, food scientists and medical practitioners, the NSA is committed to supporting the science of nutrition on the national stage.