How to become a social worker

Improve the lives of individuals, families, and groups and help them through difficult times.

What does a social worker do?

Social workers work in many locations including schools, nursing homes, substance abuse clinics, hospitals, and mental health facilities. Their goal is to improve the situation of those in need, addressing social problems and human rights issues.

Duties and tasks

  • Act as mediator to help resolve conflicts within communities.
  • Help individuals find the right community services for their particular needs. This may include healthcare, housing services, and employment services.
  • Engage in cooperative efforts with different social agencies to help clients.
  • Evaluate those in need in order to direct them to the appropriate services.
  • Write reports and maintain records of client progress.
  • Help those in need use available community services.
  • Interview clients to determine their exact level of need and where best to direct them.

Professional bodies

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