Postgraduate units in IT

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Professional Issues in IT
ICT80008 Swinburne SP4
Introduction to Business Information Systems
INF60007 Swinburne SP1
Database Analysis and Design
INF60009 Swinburne SP2
Requirements Analysis and Modelling
INF60010 Swinburne SP3
Enterprise Systems
INF60012 Swinburne SP4
Systems Project Management
INF70005 Swinburne SP1
Contemporary Issues in Business Analysis
INF80014 Swinburne SP4
Enterprise Architecture, Strategy and Governance
INF80018 Swinburne SP3
Business Process Modelling
INF80028 Swinburne SP1
Systems Acquisition & Implementation Management
INF80030 Swinburne SP3
IS/IT Risk Management
INF80043 Swinburne SP2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Data Management and Business Intelligence
INF60002 Swinburne SP3
Systems Development
INF60003 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Designing for Human Interaction
INF60004 Swinburne SP4
Information, Organisations and Society
INF60005 Swinburne SP1 SP3
Managing Projects and Stakeholders
INF70002 Swinburne SP1
Networked Systems and Communities
INF70003 Swinburne SP2
IT Portfolio and Program Management
INF80002 Swinburne SP1
IS/IT Research Project
INF80003 Swinburne SP2
IT Project Resource Management
INF80004 Swinburne SP1
Business Research Methods
INF80011 Swinburne SP1
Research Project
INF80012 Swinburne SP2
Information Technology Strategies for Business
INF80019 Swinburne SP4
Global ICT Practice
INF80039 Swinburne SP3
Technology Essentials for Managers
INF80042 Swinburne SP1