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Bachelor of Laws (4 Years)

Undergraduate | UNE-LLB-DEG | 2024

A quality law degree for anybody and everybody

If you’re passionate about the legal system, or looking for a start to your legal career, this law degree is open to everyone—no matter your background or school marks. Understand Australian law, conduct legal research, and communicate with persuasion.

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100% online
100% online
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9 June 2024,
6 Oct 2024
Credit available
4 years full time or part time equivalent
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Bachelor of Laws (4 Years)

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About this degree

Entry requirements

Students must complete four designated Open Access subjects, with minimum GPA 4.2, in order to gain admission into the LLB and continue with the remaining Law subjects.

Study method requirements

Career opportunities

Professional recognition

The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree is accredited by the Legal Profession Admission Board (LPAB) of NSW.

Career outlook

Over $120K
Policy and Planning Managers:
Over $120K
$75K to $93K

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