Warning! This degree has recently undergone a major change. Please refer to the transition arrangements for more information.

Degree structure

Degree details

Learning outcomes for this degree are dependent on the selected major.

Please read Macquarie Bachelor of Arts Learning Outcomes  (PDF, 102 Kb)

Employment opportunities are in a range of industries depending on the major area of study taken during the degree. Arts graduates can be found working in diverse areas.

Graduates demonstrate skills and capabilities that are sought after by all employers, including creative problem solving, critical analysis, highly developed communication skills, flexibility and exposure to diverse cultural and intellectual backgrounds. Graduates are eligible for further study and may apply to enter Postgraduate studies offered by Macquarie University, through Open Universities Australia or on-campus.

If you are curious about several study areas and want to combine them in one degree, a Bachelor of Arts can be a pathway to a challenging career or an exciting new interest

Higher education via OUA

  • 4 OUA Undergraduate subjects at pass level from any OUA provider; OR
  • 2 OUA Undergraduate subjects at credit grade level from any OUA provider

Higher education

Detailed information regarding Macquarie Admissions can be found here:

Secondary education

A competitive ATAR of 75, a Selection Rank of 75 or equivalent  OP of 12.

English Proficiency Requirements

IELTS of 6.5 overall with minimum 6.0 in each band, or equivalent

Special requirements

Macquarie University aspires to be an inclusive and supportive community of learners where all students are given the opportunity to meet their academic and personal goals. The University and OUA offer a comprehensive range of free and accessible student support services which include academic advice, counselling and psychological services, advocacy services and welfare advice, careers and employment, disability services and academic skills workshops amongst others.

All unit materials are delivered fully online. Students with special needs can apply for alternative assessment arrangements. Contact us at https://students.mq.edu.au/admin/other-resources/student-admin-services.

Macquarie University recognises formal, informal and non-formal learning to support an individual's lifelong learning goals. An application for RPL will need the following support:

Evidence of Formal Learning

1. Official Academic transcript including all grades, on an institution letterhead. If your supporting documents are in a language other than English, this must be accompanied by a certified English translation.

2. Subject/Subject outlines 

You need to supply a copy of the subject outline to support your request for exemption of subjects at Macquarie University.

Evidence for informal and non-formal learning

Suitable portfolio items e.g. Certificates from accredited degrees, results from other non-credited degrees, certificates and statements from employer degrees or professional bodies, employment history and position descriptions, employers verifying your knowledge, skill and experience, details of community activities involving significant responsibilities, on-the-job assessment record, performance management reports etc.

To apply please refer to section F on the degree application form or contact us at https://students.mq.edu.au/admin/other-resources/student-admin-services for more information.

You will need to complete an application for RPL form and send to the OUA Program Manager at Macquarie University. There is no charge for Credit applications. For any further questions please contact Macquarie at https://students.mq.edu.au/admin/other-resources/student-admin-services.

To request for a prerequisite waiver, please refer to Macquarie's website at https://ask.mq.edu.au/account/pub/display/non_award

Please note: All Macquarie subjects are now available in Semesters. Please refer to the Key Dates page for further information.

Turn your passion into a career by exploring your interests in-depth and honing your skills and knowledge through our choice of 7 majors – Philosophy, English, Society and Culture, Ancient History, Modern History, Politics and Sociology.

Being a Macquarie University Bachelor of Arts student means you are not restricted to picking subjects from just one field – you are encouraged to extend your educational scope and study things that interest you to make your degree unique.

This holistic approach makes our graduates highly sought after by employers, as the degree ensures you develop strong capabilities in a range of areas such as problem solving, research skills, creative thinking and communication – skills essential for a successful, professional, civic and social life in the 21st century.

In 2016 the Macquarie subject codes have changed. All subjects previously studied under the old subject code will be recognized as equivalent.

Recommended Study Pattern

This degree is an OUA Pathways course, which means there is a recommended series of subjects that, once successfully completed, can be credited towards this degree. To commence the Pathway for this degree, simply select subjects from the Pathway stream below.

Students who aren't taking part in OUA Pathways are recommended to follow this study pattern:

  • Students are advised to complete Level 1 major subjects before studying Level 2 and Level 3 subjects
  • The Level 3 Capstone subject in a major must be the final subject in that area of study
  • A maximum of 10 Level 1 subjects (including the Major subjects and electives )  may be included in this degree
  • The degree will normally be three years in duration for full-time students, but part-time students may take longer.

Please Note: Registered students completing one of the previous years Bachelor of Arts streams or majors must follow the degree structure in place at the time/year of their Bachelor of Arts registration with Macquarie University.

On completion of admission you are bound by the University Terms and Conditions and must comply with present and future By-laws, Rules, Codes, and Policies, Procedures and Schedules of Macquarie University.

The degree will normally be three years in duration for full-time students, but part-time students may take longer to complete subjects towards the BA degree.

Award Requirements

To qualify for a Bachelor of Arts degree through Macquarie University students must meet the following requirements:

  • Students must complete 24 subjects of study, 15 of which must be Macquarie subjects;
  • Students must follow the degree structure in place in the year of registration in the degree.
  • a maximum of 10 Level 1 subjects;
  • a minimum of 6 Level 3 subjects;
  • 14 subjects across levels 2 and 3;
  • one SSK subject may be included.

Choose your subjects


Students can choose to study from eight BA Majors:

  1. Ancient History
  2. English
  3. Modern History
  4. Philosophy
  5. Politics
  6. Society and Culture
  7. Sociology
  8. Creative Writing

Students should check the information in their Major (structure provided at time of registration) for the total number of Macquarie and OUA electives they need to complete.

Level 1 subjects. As well as the Level 1 subjects from your Major

  • Select at least four other level 1 subjects offered by Macquarie University.
  • Select up to 4 other level 1 subjects offered by any OUA provider, including Macquarie University.

Level 2 subjects. As well as the Level 2 subjects from your Major

  • Select at least two other level 2 subjects offered by Macquarie University.
  • Select at least two other level 2 subjects offered by any OUA provider, including Macquarie University.

Level 3 subjects. As well as the Level 3 subjects from your Major

  • Select at least one other Level 3 subject offered by Macquarie University.
  • Select at least one other level 3 subject offered by any OUA provider, including Macquarie University.

Macquarie electives are listed in the degree guide. Other OUA electives can be selected from any OUA provider, provided prerequisites have been completed.

Students are eligible to register for the Macquarie Bachelor of Arts after successfully completing 2 OUA higher education subjects with a credit average or passing at least four subjects. These subjects can be completed with any OUA provider. Students must follow the degree structure in place at the time of their BA registration with the University. Registration is free for all students. If you are not eligible for CSP, please complete the non-CSP registration form (Application Form for Undergraduate Studies: Non-CSP and International Applicants).

Please contact us at https://students.mq.edu.au/admin/other-resources/student-admin-services for further enquiries.


Students who have an Academic Standing of Suspension or Exclusion under Macquarie University's Academic Progression Policy will not be permitted to register in Macquarie University degrees offered through OUA. Students with an Academic Standing of Suspension or Exclusion who have enrolled in units through OUA will be withdrawn.

Students who complete their studies and submit the I Expect to Complete form via ask.mq.edu.au in Semester 1 may be able to graduate at the following September ceremony. Students who complete and submit the form in Semester 2 or Semester 3 may be able to graduate at the following April ceremony.

Changes in 2019:

  • A new major has been introduced: Creative Writing
  • All students commencing from Session 1 2019 are exempt from the general undergraduate requirements of the completion of a People and a Planet unit .

  • Current students enrolled in Macquarie OUA programs are exempt from completing Planet unit requirements.

From 2016 the Macquarie unit codes have changed. All units previously studied under the old unit code will be recognized as equivalent.

You must follow the structure in the year of registration. Retired units that have been completed will be counted towards the degree.

Please contact Macquarie at https://students.mq.edu.au/admin/other-resources/student-admin-services if you require another copy of your degree structure.