Undergraduate units in Education

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Teaching and Learning in a Digital World
EDC101 Curtin SP1 SP3
Exploring and Contesting Curriculum
EDC111 Curtin SP2 SP4
Language and Literacy for Teachers
EDC131 Curtin SP1 SP3
The Numerate Educator
EDC141 Curtin SP2 SP4
Child Development for Educators
EDC151 Curtin SP1 SP3
Learning Theory for Educators
EDC155 Curtin SP2 SP4
Performing Arts for Educators
EDC161 Curtin SP1 SP3
Teachers Inquiring About the World
EDC171 Curtin SP2 SP4
Teaching Language and Literacy in Junior Primary
EDC231 Curtin SP1 SP3
Inclusive Education
EDC251 Curtin SP2 SP4
Indigenous Australian Education
EDC370 Curtin SP1 SP3
Curriculum Integration and Differentiation
EDC415 Curtin SP2 SP4
Transition to the Teaching Profession
EDC421 Curtin SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4
Integrated Programming
EDP410 Curtin SP2 SP4
Teacher as Researcher
EDP417 Curtin SP1 SP3
Mathematics Education
EDP440 Curtin SP1 SP3
Education: The Psychological Context
EDUX105 Macquarie SP1 SP3
Education: The Social and Historical Context
EDUX106 Macquarie SP2 SP4
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Professional Learning and Development in Education
EDC471 Curtin SP1 SP3
Professional Studies and Planning for Teaching
EDP223 Curtin SP1 SP2
Professional Studies in Managing Learning Environments
EDP226 Curtin SP2 SP3
Children as Mathematical Learners
EDP243 Curtin SP1 SP3
Visual and Media Arts Education
EDP263 Curtin SP2 SP4
Inquiry in the Science Classroom
EDP273 Curtin SP2 SP4
Cultural Contexts in Primary Education
EDP311 Curtin SP1 SP3
Professional Studies and Evaluating Learning
EDP323 Curtin SP1 SP3
Pedagogies and Planning for English
EDP333 Curtin SP2 SP4
Inquiry in the Mathematics Classroom
EDP343 Curtin SP2 SP4
Inquiry in the Humanities Classroom
EDP373 Curtin SP2 SP4
Health and Physical Education
EDP383 Curtin SP1 SP3
EDP425 Curtin SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4
Pedagogies and Planning for Mathematics
EDP443 Curtin SP1 SP3