Undergraduate Arts and Humanities units - Modern History

Unit name Code Provider Availability
The Making of Australia
MHIX109 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
The World Since 1945: An Australian Perspective
MHIX114 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
An Introduction to Big History
MHIX115 MAQ Sem1 Sem2 Sem3
After the Black Death: Europe 1348 - 1789
MHIX121 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
ANZAC: Australians at War
MHIX205 MAQ Sem1 Sem2 Sem3
Australian History since 1901
MHIX209 MAQ Sem2
War and Peace in World History
MHIX211 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Twentieth Century Europe
MHIX220 MAQ Sem2
The Age of Revolution: Europe from the Reign of Terror to the First World War
MHIX221 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Making History: Capstone Unit
MHIX300 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Indigenous-Settler Histories: Comparative Contexts
MHIX301 MAQ Sem2
Australian History Since 1901
MHIX302 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Twentieth-Century Europe
MHIX321 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
From the Beats to Big Brother: Popular Culture Since the 1950s
MHIX365 MAQ Sem1 Sem2
Shock and Awe: A History of the Postmodern World
MHIX375 MAQ Sem1