Undergraduate Arts and Humanities units - Cultural Studies

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Screen History and Research
CMM10 Griffith SP2 SP4
Introduction to Screen Analysis
CMM17 Griffith SP1 SP3
Text and Culture
CMM19 Griffith SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4
Defining Women: Social Institutions and Cultural Diversity
GEN14 Griffith SP1 SP3
Introduction to Media Studies
MDA10001 Swinburne SP4
Innovation Cultures: Perspectives on Science and Technology
MDA10006 Swinburne SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4
Living Culture
MECX120 Macquarie Sem1
Seeing Culture: Politics of Visual Representation
MECX121 Macquarie Sem2
Introduction to History of Art and Design
VIS18 Curtin SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Irish Literature
LCI21 Griffith SP2 SP4
Narrative Journalism
MECX210 Macquarie Sem1
Visual Countercultures: Graffiti, Kitsch and Conceptual Art
MECX223 Macquarie Sem2
Australian Aboriginal Art
VIS25 Curtin SP2 SP4
Modernism in Art and Design
VIS27 Curtin SP1 SP2 SP4
Art and Fashion
VIS29 Curtin SP1 SP3
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Racialised Punishment and the Construction of Nation
MECX321 Macquarie Sem1
Screening (Ab)normal Bodies
MECX322 Macquarie Sem1
Genre Writing
MECX340 Macquarie Sem2
Cultural Contexts: Communities and Cultures in Action
MECX350 Macquarie Sem2
Art and the Environment
VIS320 Curtin SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4