Postgraduate Arts and Humanities units - Sustainability

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Pathways to Sustainability
SCP522 CUR Sess2
Urban Design for Sustainability
SCP541 CUR Sess1
Sustainable Cities
SCP543 CUR Sess1
Leadership in Sustainability
SCP544 CUR Sess2
Aboriginal Sustainability
SCP545 CUR Sess3
Climate Policy
SCP547 CUR Sess2
Sustainable Development Goals
SCP548 CUR Sess2
Sustainability, Climate Change and Economics
SCP549 CUR Sess1
Sustainability Project
SCP591 CUR Sess1 Sess2
Sustainability Dissertation 1
SCP690 CUR Sess1 Sess2 Sess3
Sustainability Dissertation 2
SCP691 CUR Sess1 Sess2 Sess3
Topics in Sustainability
SCP701 CUR Sess1 Sess2