Communication & Public Value - 2017

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  • Level of Study: Postgraduate
  • Study load: 0.125 EFTSL
  • Delivery method: Fully Online
  • Prerequisites: Yes
  • Duration: 14 weeks
  • Government loans available: FEE-HELP
  • Availability for 2017: Sess 1 , Sess 2 , Sess 3
  • Availability for 2018: Sess 1 , Sess 2 , Sess 3
  • Assessment: Assignment 2 - Public value model (50%) , Essay (30%) - Learn more

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2017 Fees
Domestic 2,375.00
International 2,625.00

Communication and Public Value deals with how organisations identify, measure and communicate the value of the goods and services they provide. The unit focuses on the concept ‘public value’ and the models used to implement it. Theoretical and practical familiarities with best practice examples enable students to understand why and how the concept is used, the kinds of organisations and activities best able to benefit from it, and its potential for strengthening the relationships between organisations, their partners and publics. Assessment includes an essay on a public value issue and a public value model of the student's own design.

At the completion of this unit students will have:

  1. an understand the history and sectoral contexts of ‘values’ as rationales for organisations, their goods and services;
  2. skills in comparing and evaluating different value rationales;
  3. a familiarity with best practice models of public value currently used internationally by organisations to understand, measure and communicate their contributions to public life;
  4. experience in identifying an organisation’s ‘authorising environment’ and the key relationships between its constituent parts;
  5. experience in developing indicators of public benefits;
  6. practical experience in designing a public value model for an organisation, to improve its internal and external communication processes and foster resilient relationships with its ‘authorising environment’;
  7. an understanding of the benefits and problems involved in strategic partnering;a greater capacity to participate in policy development and application;
  8. an enhanced understanding of the role played by communications practices in influencing and expressing what publics value.
  • Assignment 2 — Public value model (50%)
  • Essay (30%)
  • Research Assignment (20%)

Mandatory conditional prerequisites

You must either have successfully completed the following unit(s) before starting this unit, or currently be enrolled in the following unit(s) in a prior study period; or enrol in the following unit(s) to study prior to this unit:

Please note that your enrolment in this unit is conditional on successful completion of these prerequisite unit(s). If you study the prerequisite unit(s) in the study period immediately prior to studying this unit, your result for the prerequisite unit(s) will not be finalised prior to the close of enrolment. In this situation, should you not complete your prerequisite unit(s) successfully you should not continue with your enrolment in this unit. If you are currently enrolled in the prerequisite unit(s) and believe you may not complete these all successfully, it is your responsibility to reschedule your study of this unit to give you time to re-attempt the prerequisite unit(s).

If you have completed equivalent study at another university, please contact a Student Advisor for advice.

COM190 only applies to new students commencing this program in 2015. If you are an existing student, COM120 applies to you.

In order to enrol in this unit, you must be accepted into one of the following courses:

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This unit addresses the following topics.

1An introduction to the unit and an overview of the topic of values
2Understanding, Measuring and Communicating Values
3Understanding values
4Performance measurement
5Communication and trust-building
6Value Frameworks
7Economic Values
8Social Values
9Environmental Values
10Cultural Values
11Operational Capacities
12Leadership and Professional Ethics
13Strategic partnerships

This unit is delivered using the following methods and materials:

Instructional Methods

  • Discussion Forum/Discussion Board
  • Online assignment submission
  • Standard Media
  • Web links

Online materials

  • Printable format materials
  • Resources and Links

This unit is a core requirement in the following courses:

This unit may be eligible for credit towards other courses:

  1. Many undergraduate courses on offer through OUA include 'open elective' where any OUA unit can be credited to the course. You need to check the Award Requirements on the course page for the number of allowed open electives and any level limitations.
  2. In other cases, the content of this unit might be relevant to a course on offer through OUA or elsewhere. In order to receive credit for this unit in the course you will need to supply the provider institution with a copy of the Unit Profile in the approved format, which you can download here. Note that the Unit Profile is set at the start of the year, and if textbooks change this may not match the Co-Op textbook list.
This unit does not have a prescribed textbook(s).

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