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Craft your creative future communicating online, in person or in print.

Communicate in another language. Choose from classical and ancient languages, national languages of Southeast Asia, and popular European languages.

Articulate the politics of business, talk about negotiation and settle conflicts. Research and produce the news or promote health equity.

Imagine scripting your future in television or film. Pen a screenplay or uncover the secrets between the pages of the literature classics.

Write and publish social and user experience (UX) mobile content for digital assets. Learn the secrets of SEO.

Tell stories and create connections with people, places and products.

Todd studied digital and social media with Curtin University through Open Universities Australia

Media & communications degrees

Undergraduate UNE-MDL-DIP-2023

Diploma in Modern Languages

Undergraduate USA-BDM-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Digital Media

Undergraduate CUR-COM-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Communications

Undergraduate USA-COM-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Communication

Undergraduate USA-BMC-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Marketing and Communication

Undergraduate CUR-CWG-CTF-2023

Undergraduate Certificate in Creative Writing

Media & communications subjects

Undergraduate ANU-SKRT2104-2023

Sanskrit 4

Undergraduate ANU-SKRT3005-2023

Sanskrit 6

Undergraduate ANU-SKRT3004-2023

Sanskrit 5

Undergraduate ANU-TETM2004-2023

Tetum 3

Undergraduate UNE-FREN204-2023

French Through Contemporary Culture

Related degrees

Undergraduate GRF-LCS33-2022

American Literature

Related degrees

Undergraduate ANU-INDG2003-2023

Speaking Gamilaraay 1

Undergraduate GRF-CWR312-2023

Writing Gothic and Speculative Fiction

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Get creative and transform the way people communicate. Become a literary critic, business consultant, author, health advocate, media advisor, publicist or digital content specialist.


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