How to become a public relations professional

Portray an organisation’s role, services, products, and effectiveness in a positive way to the public.

What does a public relations professional do?

PR professionals use their excellent communication, analytical, and strategic abilities to manage their clients’ reputations. They shape public opinion by crafting various comms including press releases and social media messaging.

Duties and tasks

  • Develop and implement communication strategies and publicity activities.
  • Inform staff that policies, programs and conduct will affect public relations.
  • Organise public opinion research initiatives and evaluate results to create public relations strategies for the organisation.
  • Plan activities and publications that will enhance reputations including commissioning photographs, illustrations, branding and representing organisations at conferences and social events.
  • Plan and organise events, benefits, performances and partnerships to support positive publicity.
  • Select and review materials from publicity media, photographers, graphic designers and news agencies to promote advantageous publicity.
  • Work with executives to issue news and press releases, organising meetings with publicity media when appropriate.

Industry bodies

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  • Communications officer
  • Corporate affairs officer
  • Journalist
  • Media liaison representative
  • Media relations officer
  • Public affairs officer
  • Publicity agent
  • Writer or editor
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