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Degree structure

Degree details

Higher Education via OUA

  • At least 2 OUA undergraduate subjects or equivalent with a minimum GPA of 4.0, completed in the last 12 months at the time of application for admission

Higher Education

Course Admission Information Set for 2017 can be found here.

Secondary Education

An OP of 15, a Rank of 67 or an ATAR Score of 63.55*

*These scores/rankings apply to this program for 2017. Until this information is updated in early 2018, applications will continue to be assessed using the requirements listed above as a guide.

Griffith University offers this degree to provide students with the opportunity to develop key skills and knowledge essential to the media and communication industries. Comprehensive coverage will be given, including media research and analysis skills, knowledge of film and media history including broadcasting policy, regulation, content critique, development techniques applicable in journalism, and new media settings.

Graduates will be ready for work in Journalism, Public Relations, Business Communications, New Media, Film and Television. They will be prepared to excel in administrative, marketing and creative roles in the cultural communications industries. This degree will be the backbone to a successful career in communication and related fields.

Students may be able to receive credit for previous studies conducted at other institutions. Please contact the Open Universities Australia Officer, Griffith (OUA) Services at Griffith University.

A prospective student who has previously completed or partially completed a degree, may be eligible for a CSP and may also be eligible for credit transfer. For more information, please visit the following web page:

Recommended Study Pattern

Upon being accepted into Griffith University, you may apply for credit for prior learning which may reduce the time it will take to complete your degree.

Students can follow the study pattern below:

  • Study four Level 1 core subjects
  • Choose your two Majors and start with the Level 1 major subjects
  • Complete eight subjects from each of your two Majors
  • Complete Level 2 and Level 3 core subjects
  • Choose your electives

Students completing the combination of the Journalism and Public Relations major will need to complete two additional elective subject options due to the inclusion of CJR200 and CMM26 in each of these streams. Please contact Griffith directly for clarification.

Award Requirements

The degree will normally be of three year duration for full-time students. Part time students enrolled prior to 2016 may take up to 10 years to accumulate subjects towards the degree. However part time students commencing from 2016 will have 8 years to accumulate subjects towards the degree. Upon being accepted into Griffith University, you may apply for credit for prior learning which may reduce the time it will take to complete your degree.

To be eligible for the award of the Bachelor of Communication, a student must complete 24 subjects or equivalent as prescribed below:

  • A student must complete four core subjects at Level 1, one core subject at Level 2 and one core subject at Level 3
  • A student must complete the recommended subjects for their chosen majors at Level 1
  • A student must complete two major sequences of eight subjects each from Business Communication, Creative Writing, Journalism, Public Relations or Screen Studies with at least six subjects at third year level
  • The remaining elective subjects for the degree can be made up from a combination of first, second and third year level
  • Complete no more than 10 subjects in the degree at first year level
  • Complete at least 6 subjects in the degree at third year level
  • Note: In accordance with the University's Credit Transfer Policy and notwithstanding the amount of credit which may be given towards the Bachelor of Communication, a student undertaking this program is required to complete a minimum of 8 subjects of second and third year subjects offered through Griffith University which are part of the Bachelor of Communication degree requirements and which have not been credited towards another award.

Choose your subjects


Bachelor of Communication students select two from these five Majors:

  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • Business Communication
  • Creative Writing
  • Screen Studies

You may select your electives from the list below, or any other Humanities unit in the degree not already listed, providing that any required prerequisites have been met.

Students are required to register with Griffith University for this award by completing a Registration form and paying the required fee. The non-refundable $150 registration fee is payable when the form is submitted. While there is no immediate requirement for potential students to register in the degree degree, students are recommended to register as soon as possible, in order to receive advice on credit and subject selection.