How to become a journalist

Research, compose and edit news stories, reports and opinion pieces for print or electronic publication.

What does a journalist do?

Journalists research, compose and edit news stories, reports and opinion pieces for print or electronic publication. They may write for news, travel or entertainment purposes or for the advertisement of products.

Duties and tasks

  • Analyse current events, news articles, films, books, performances and celebrity news to write opinion pieces and reviews.
  • Create advertisements for a variety of media based on product attributes and targeted market.
  • Research and analyse information on important current events, product information, recent studies or entertainment using factual information, interviews, police reports and investigations.
  • Work with clients, management, editors and stakeholders to produce appropriate content for intended audience and purpose.
  • Write and edit informative material for textbooks, product manuals, references, brochures, etc.
  • Write and edit pieces on public interest for a variety of sources such as television, newspapers, magazines and online news sources.

Industry bodies

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