Psychology & mental health courses

Study how people think, what they believe and how they live

Choose a speciality or career

Map the functions of the human mind or explore the pursuit of knowledge.

Examine how people behave, think and feel. Mind the mental health of others. Reveal the human experience from basic brain functions to complex characteristics, language and personality.

Think about how people process information, reason and remember. Speculate the principles of logic, analyse arguments, question values or search for knowledge and truth.

Reflect on ethics in the 21st century or debate religious beliefs. Find creative solutions to complex social problems or learn an ecclesial language.

Find a spectrum of pathways and careers about the study of human behaviour, ways of life, beliefs, values and spirituality.

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Psychology & mental health degrees

Undergraduate CUR-HPS-CTF-2023

Undergraduate Certificate in Psychology

Undergraduate MAQ-PSY-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Psychology

Undergraduate ECU-PSC-DEG-2023

Bachelor of Psychology and Counselling

Undergraduate TAS-COU-DIP-2023

Diploma of Counselling

Postgraduate TUA-MOC-MAS-2023

Master of Counselling

Postgraduate SCU-MMH-MAS-2023

Master of Mental Health

Psychology & mental health subjects

Undergraduate TAS-ZAC207-2023

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Undergraduate USA-BEHL3036-2023

Personality Psychology

Undergraduate SWI-PSY20006-2023

Cognition and Human Performance

Undergraduate UNE-PSYC101-2023

Introductory Psychology I

Related degrees

Undergraduate MAQ-PSYX3337-2023


Related degrees

Undergraduate USA-BEHL1026-2023

Counselling Concepts

How to become an psychology and mental health professional

Rationalise a career that seeks to better understand and help people.

Counsel others, explore social work practices, or weigh up notions of goodness and justice. Practice good faith.

Graduates are highly sought after in a range of human services positions in: community and mental health, human resource management, policy development, research, welfare, journalism, marketing and advertising.


Improve your career prospects when you study through OUA and get accreditation from some of Australia’s peak, reputable organisations.

Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC)

APAC consults with governments, professional organisations and education providers on psychologists' behalf. This ensures that their members have access to quality training and education so they can stay at the cutting edge of their profession.


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