Specialise in marketing, and open the door to any industry.

What makes a marketing degree so appealing is its versatility – it provides a broad foundation of knowledge, which can lead graduates down a myriad of exciting career paths. If you're new to uni study, and don't yet have your career plans laid out in detail, a marketing degree can be a smart place to start.

Keen to get going? We've brought together online marketing courses from universities across Australia, all in one place for you to explore.

Why study marketing?

Marketing specialists are always in demand.

You'll find them working in-house within organisations, or in agencies, marketing on behalf of their clients. Even solo practitioners need skills in marketing in order to be seen by the public.

While marketing encompasses many specialised skills, it also offers skills applicable to everyday life. You'll improve your ability to communicate (both verbally and in writing), to be persuasive, to strategise, to think critically, to work within a team, and to lead a team. These are skills you can take with you anywhere.

If you haven't studied at university before, a Bachelor of Marketing (or similar) will give you a solid foundation, whereas those with a prior degree or work experience can benefit from a postgraduate degree such as the Master of Marketing.

Marketing - Nykkea student - 570px
Nykkea - Studied Marketing with Swinburne, through Open Universities Australia.

Common roles in marketing

A marketing team is comprised of many roles.

And all of these roles work together to connect a brand with consumers, and persuade those consumers to invest in the brand's products or services.

  • Marketing management – Lead a marketing team, and make executive decisions on brand strategy.
  • Strategy and analysis - Investigate the existing landscape including competitor activity, and recommend the best way forward.
  • Media planning - Plan and buy media space to get your message out to the world.
  • SEO and SEM - Pull people from Google search and social media into the world of your brand.
  • Social media - Put your brand in front of the eyes of social media users, and manage the social community to encourage positive word of mouth.
  • Direct marketing - Use email, text message and other channels to communicate one-on-one with your audience.
  • Content creation - Create content to communicate with your audience, including video, design, copywriting, and photography.
  • Public relations (PR) - Ensure your brand is being perceived in a positive light by the public.
  • Marketing research - Understand the psychology behind consumer behaviour, through such means as surveys and focus groups.
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