How do I choose a university tutoring service?

Asking for help with uni isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a predictor of success – a wise move for students of all abilities to secure stellar grades. But how should you choose a tutoring service?

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You’re flirting with the idea of some university tutoring. But do you really need it? I mean, you’re not struggling that much… are you? 

Here’s the deal. Everyone and anyone can benefit from university tutoring. It’s not just for those at risk of failing. 

University tutoring can meet a variety of needs. It’s for those who need to keep their heads above water, yes. But it’s also for those who want to improve their grades, even at the top-end of the class. 

Online tutoring can help you go from Pass to Credit, Credit to Distinction, or even Distinction to High Distinction. 

Does tutoring actually help?

It really does. Even if you’re a sceptic. (Which you’re likely to be if you’re asking this question!).

An important factor in ensuring you get the most out of tutoring is connecting with a tutor or service provider who “gets” you. 

Think of it like having an appointment with a GP who seems to take the words out of your mouth, a beautician who understands your brow requests unlike any other, or a counsellor who just seems to know what to say.

Good tutors are out there. It’s about finding the right one for you. And thanks to online tutoring services that connect experts with students like you, they’re no longer impossible to find. 

What are the best online tutoring services?

Let’s start with an important caveat. “Best” is subjective. While some students will value tutors who are direct, others will prefer those available around the clock. And some students? They just want something that’s free. (Completely understandable when two-minute noodles are on high rotation). 

The “best” tutoring for university students depends on what the student (that’s you!) values the most. 

Here’s where we suggest starting.

1. Check out Studiosity

Studiosity is a world leader in formative feedback and peer connection, offering a free online tutoring service for students from select universities and institutions. It includes:

  • Writing and referencing feedback
    Submit your assignment and have it looked at by a second set of (expert) eyes.
  • On-the-spot help
    Work with a Student Specialist in an interactive classroom, using an interactive whiteboard, audio or live chat.
  • Assistance from other students
    Get put in touch with other students studying the same topic at your uni so that you can better understand a topic. 

Check whether the university you’re studying with through Open Universities Australia allows free Studiosity access here.

2. Go through your university 

Open Universities Australia students can access study support by logging into your LMS (Learning Management System) via your university website. Within your LMS, you'll be able to find contact details for tutors and academic staff who know exact details about your course content and assessments.

Universities also often provide in-house academic support and resources, run outside of class with tutors who aren't involved in teaching the course material. This allows for an objective opinion and further support. Details can be found on university websites, or by contacting your university directly for a recommendation.

How do I choose a tutoring service?

Weigh up what’s most important to you and write a list. Consider factors such as how much money (if any) you’re willing to invest in tutoring – and remember, some online tutoring services like Studiosity are free for students from select universities!

You’ll also want to consider what your expectations are before going in. Do you need your essay looked at within hours, or are you after week-by-week discussions to solidify your learnings? All of these factors are important to consider when finding the right option for you.

Questions you may want to ask yourself include:

  • Do I need a free service or have I set aside budget?
  • Am I happy with online services, or would I like to meet someone face-to-face?
  • Do I need immediate help, or do I want week-by-week discussions?


Remember, putting your hand up for help is nothing to shy away from. You’re one of the wisest in your class just for doing so. And your future self, the one who receives the qualification you’re working towards? They’ll thank you for it. 


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