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10 of the best study apps to enhance your learning

Turn your phone into the ultimate study buddy with these useful apps for students.

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Same year, new you: A 7-step method for mid-year resolutions

Fireworks fizzled out of your new year resolution? Whether it’s career progression, financial goals or passion projects, reignite your goals mid-year using proven methods.

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What self-education expenses can you claim at tax time?

An accountant shares the ins and outs of getting your tax done—including what you can and can’t claim if you're studying for work.

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How to make a tasty dinner with a packet of instant noodles

After surviving on instant noodles throughout his student years, Ho Jiak owner and chef Junda Khoo knows all the tricks to elevate this pantry staple. 

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8 of the most common tax return mistakes students make

We asked Ashley Debenham from about the major flubs to avoid on your tax return this year. 

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Want an easy student dinner? Try this slow-cooked Mexican beef

When we asked Simple Home Edit's Nicole Maguire for a time-saving study night recipe, she was happy to oblige. This versatile dish only requires 15 minutes of prep—then you can just set and forget.

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The power of a workout: Can exercise boost your grades?

If you’re looking for ways to improve your focus, studying longer and harder might not actually be the answer. 

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How to nail your personal and professional development goals

Ready to live a life you’re excited about? Career coach Kate Richardson has the lowdown on how to define your personal and professional development goals.

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Does coffee help you focus?

Some say caffeine improves your ability to concentrate, but is that actually true? Let's look at the evidence.

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11 tips for surviving the school holidays as a student/parent

We asked a group of parents how they plan to study and maintain their sanity over the school holidays. Hopefully, you'll walk away with coping strategies you can put into practice too! 

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How to start a side hustle

Have you got a passion or special skill that could earn you money? We spoke to people with successful side hustles about what it takes to launch your hobby into a source of secondary income.

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What you need to know about moving out of home

Starting university and thinking of moving out of home for the first time? Here’s what you need to know when you decide to fly the coop. 

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