Oenologists manage the stages of wine production, such as fermentation, aging and bottling. Oenologists study the chemical and physical properties of wine. They also market wines.

Duties and tasks

  • Creates bottle labels for new wines
  • Determines the appropriate time to grows and harvest grapes
  • Directs the fermentation process
  • Participates in the business side of the winemaking industry
  • Periodically checks machines that are utilised during winemaking to make sure they are functioning properly
  • Supervises the aging process and oversees bottling

Skills required

  • College courses in viticulture and oenology
  • Good managerial skills
  • Knowledge of grape varieties
  • Must have refined senses of taste and smell
  • Strong science background

Working conditions

Oenologists typically work 40 hours a week, five days a week. During peak seasons, additional hours might be needed. Oenologists spend a good portion of their day supervising workers and the overall process.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology

Wine Australia 

Winemakers Federation of Australia 

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