Paramedic and ambulance officer

Ambulance paramedics are employed by hospitals, local governments, and privately-held ambulance services to bring emergency care to all people, and they are usually the first healthcare professionals on the scene. While many paramedics work in automobile ambulances, some work on "air ambulances," which are really helicopters that are designed especially for medical emergencies. Medical emergencies may include sudden illness, minor injuries, fires, criminal violence, injuries/casualties from car accidents, etc.

Duties and tasks

  • Access patients conditions and complete specialised medical treatment and care before hospital admission
  • Accessing whether and how to move patients
  • Assist with complex hospital transfers when necessary
  • Document patients conditions before they arrive for hospital check-in
  • Meet peoples immediate treatment needs by resuscitating and stabilising them if necessary
  • Use complex life support techniques, administer oxygen, drips, and medical drugs to aid patients

Skills required

  • A Bachelor of Health Science in paramedical science or pre-hospital care is often required, as is additional training though 3+ years of experience can sometimes suffice
  • Ability to exercise empathy while staying professional and non-judgmental, treating all patients equally
  • An ability to act on ones feet and communicate with others efficiently
  • Licensing is usually required (Certificate IV Health Care)
  • The ability to stay calm under pressure and in intense situations

Working conditions

Ambulance Paramedics may work part-time or full-time positions and work a variety of shifts, including night, day, evening, and weekend shifts. They often work rather long hours, though all of these may not be spent in the ambulance. Paramedics are right in the thick of traumatic situations and must be able to keep a calm demeanor.

Professional associations / Industry information

Ambulance Service of NSW 

Ambulance Victoria 

Queensland Ambulance Service 

SA Ambulance Service 

St John Ambulance Australia 

St John Ambulance Western Australia 

The ACT Ambulance Service (ACTAS) 

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