How to become a paramedic & ambulance officer

Bring emergency care and transport for injured, sick and aged people.

What does a paramedic & ambulance officer do?

Duties and tasks

Paramedics and ambulance officers are employed by hospitals, local governments, and privately-held ambulance services to bring emergency care to all people, and they are usually the first healthcare professionals on the scene.

  • Assess patient's conditions, determine need for assistance and complete specialised medical treatment and care before hospital admission.
  • Provide immediate treatment to patients such as resuscitation and defibrillation, and operating life-support equipment.
  • Attend accidents, emergencies and calls for medical assistance, including at public gatherings and sporting events where accidents and other health emergencies may occur.
  • Assist with complex hospital transfers when necessary.
  • Document patients' conditions before they arrive for hospital check-in.
  • Use complex life support techniques, administer oxygen, drips, and medical drugs to aid patients.
  • Prepare written reports on the state of patients' injuries and treatment provided.

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