Emergency specialist

Sometimes called "First Responders", Emergency Service Workers include firemen, paramedics, and others called to scenes of crisis or crime. Emergency Service Workers attempt to minimise risk after an event and provide assistance to those individuals at the scene.

Duties and tasks

  • Minimizing risk by dousing fires or taking other steps as needed
  • Participating in in-service events and drills to hone rescue and reaction skills
  • Providing first aid to those at the emergency
  • Rescuing, freeing, or evacuating those trapped in dangerous conditions
  • Rushing to scenes of fire and other emergencies
  • Studying building maps and plans to become familiar with access points and escape routes

Skills required

  • Ability to listen closely to and interpret the speech of those individuals affected by the emergency
  • Basic medical competence
  • Physical strength
  • Quick thinking
  • Use of logic and critical thinking to determine the most appropriate and safest course of action for any given emergency

Working conditions

While Emergency Service Workers may be based at a station house, hospital, or other headquarters, the workplace is mobile as emergency service workers must respond to called-in emergencies. Sites are often dangerous and may often include fire and smoke.

Professional associations / Industry information

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