Occupational therapist

Occupational Therapists assess, plan, and provide therapy to individuals whose daily functional levels are limited due to illness or disabilities. Occupational Therapists help to restore vocational, daily living and homemaking skills to enable individuals to function more independently in their environment.

Duties and tasks

  • Assesses an individuals physical and mental abilities to determine realistic rehabilitation goals
  • Assists individuals in finding and securing jobs
  • Chooses activities that will help individuals learn life-management skills
  • Collaborates with other professionals regarding the overall case management of individuals
  • Completes all necessary records
  • Evaluates an individuals progress and prepares reports regarding progress and recommendations
  • Provides adaptive equipment, such as an enlarged keyboard, to help individuals function more effectively in their home and work environment

Skills required

  • A bachelors or masters degree in occupational therapy
  • A strong background in biology, physics, health and social sciences
  • Be able to adapt to a variety of settings
  • Develop, implement and maintain plans
  • Strong interpersonal skills

Working conditions

Occupational Therapists usually work in hospitals, other health care facilities, private or school settings. Some Occupational Therapists are hired for 40 hours a week, while others are hired part-time. Therapy sessions usually take place in spacious rooms equipped with machines, equipment and other materials. Therapists may be at risk due to lifting and moving clients and equipment.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) 

Occupational Therapy Australia

Occupational Therapy Council (Aust & NZ) Inc 

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