Insights from a health care recruiter: Landing a role

There’s plenty of opportunity in health care, but how can you land a role? Hear from Dan Hobson, of Hobson Health Recruitment.

When it comes to recruiting people for health care roles, Dan Hobson (Director of Hobson Health Recruitment) looks for a combination of qualities. “We want to try and find people who we look at and think, could I let that person look after one of my family members?” explains Dan. “Ultimately they could do the job, but do they have the right level of soft skills?” Aside from qualifications, the personal traits fit for health care work include a high-level of empathy, a kind nature and excellent communication skills.

It’s one thing to be entering the health care industry as a fresh graduate, but if you’re looking to change careers and move into health care, it can be tough to find the time and money to re-train. Dan is a big advocate of online study, as it allows people to hold down their current job while they chase a career they feel more passionate about.

“We want to try and find people who we look at and think, could I let that person look after one of my family members?”
Dan Hobson - Health recruiter

Career-changers also have the option to enter the health care industry in a role that utilises their current skillset – every organisation needs staff in such areas as accounting, HR, law and marketing. There may be internal opportunities for professional development, that could lead to a shift in role that doesn’t require formal study. Sometimes, it’s just about getting a foot in the door, and seizing opportunities that arise organically.

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We chatted to Dan about a number of topics – check out what else he has to say about the health care industry:

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