How to become an audiologist

Diagnose and treat hearing and balance problems in patients.

What does an audiologist do?

Audiologists provide specialised services and use a variety of methods and technologies help adults and children living with hearing, sound, and balance issues. They prepare rehabilitation programmes for people with hearing deficiencies, helping patients to learn to cope if treatment is not available.

Duties and tasks

  • Evaluate patients to determine if hearing loss is a result of natural or artificial causes.
  • Perform a variety of audio tests on patients to determine hearing proficiency and identify hearing difficulties.
  • Collaborate with speech pathologists and other professionals to treat patients with communication problems from defective hearing, injury, and disorders.
  • Examine patients while administering different assessments to understand specifications and degree of hearing impairments.
  • Recommend treatment and lifestyle changes to patients and prescribe proper hearing aids.
  • Research and stay updated on latest findings and treatment methods in the audiology field.

Industry bodies

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  • Audiometrist
  • Clinical audiometrist
  • Hearing aid audiometrist
  • Industrial screening audiometrist
  • Speech pathologist
  • Speech therapist
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