Medical Technician

Medical Technicians provide support to medical professionals in a variety of ways. They operate medical equipment in emergency rooms and operating theatres, perform and assist with laboratory tests, and at times may fill prescriptions in pharmacies.

Duties and tasks

  • Assisting in the diagnosing of disease by studying laboratory reports and samples
  • Operating and monitoring medical equipment under the supervision of medical professionals
  • Performing laboratory test and analysing results
  • Preparing medications under the supervision of pharmacists
  • Recording heart, lung, and brain activity for the reference of the medical professional

Skills required

  • Active listening skills
  • Judgment and decision making capabilities
  • Reading comprehension
  • Thorough knowledge of science
  • Use of critical thinking, reasoning, and logic to solve problems

Working conditions

Medical Technicians work in professional medical settings. These may vary from hospitals to smaller clinics or private doctors offices, as well as include privatized laboratory or surgical centre's.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Institute of Medical Scientists 

Community Services & Health Industry Skills Council 

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