Television Producers and Presenters

Television Producers and Presenters include art and media directors as well as producers and administrators. The ultimate goal is to work within the frameworks of the media format to create and produce quality media which includes news, sports, weather, and entertainment television.

Duties and tasks

  • Compiling and possibly reporting special news reports, bulletins, and emergency announcements
  • Compiling and scheduling programs that fit the needs of the station and general audience
  • Introducing shows on air if in the presenter category
  • Managing staff and other personnel as needed
  • Tracking and adhering to costs within a budget for a specific program or media format

Skills required

  • Ability to form and defend a position on air about sports, news, and other hot issues
  • Ability to read from a script or teleprompter as needed
  • Memorisation of lines, announcements, and show introductions as needed
  • Skills necessary to field phone calls or call ins in the case of live television or as a radio presenter 
  • Strong communication skills to speak with people on and off the airways

Working conditions

Television Producers and Presenters will most likely work within studios or radio stations, but some on-air talent may do fieldwork in all conditions. Live feeds will require unique hours, but working on prerecorded shows may mean a typical 9-5 work day or work days as needed to gain enough material.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Broadcasting Corporation 

Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance 

The Creative Industry Skills Council 

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