Gym Instructor

Gym or Fitness Instructors work with individuals or groups to help them achieve desired physical fitness. The work involves instruction and direction, such as in fitness classes, as well as hands-on demonstrations of proper fitness techniques.

Duties and tasks

  • Developing and implementing fitness programs and classes
  • Instructing on proper and safe use of fitness equipment and machinery
  • Keeping clients and gym patrons advised of proper safety and health codes
  • Leading fitness classes for groups
  • Monitoring the use of fitness equipment
  • Taking proper action to report accidents and fill out accident reports
  • Working with individual clients to develop personal fitness plans

Skills required

  • Ability to impart advice and information in a friendly, nonjudgmental manner
  • Ability to perceive when people are in need of help
  • Knowledge of kinesiology and anatomy
  • Peak physical condition
  • Public speaking and demonstration skills

Working conditions

Gym Instructors are frequently hired by private gyms, either freestanding, in workplaces, in apartment buildings, etc. They sometimes work on a freelance basis for individual or group clients; this mode of employment will often involve travel to the clients home base.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Institute of Fitness 

Fitness Australia 

Fitness Institute Australia 

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