Fitness Centre Manager

Fitness Centre Managers promote activities and oversee instructors, such as fitness trainers, in health centre's and other fitness-related businesses. It is their responsibility to plan activities, programs, games and competitions for centre members to participate in, and to attract clients. They also train and supervise workers and staff.

Duties and tasks

  • Lead classes, train clients, and teach fitness programs
  • Maintain equipment and facilities and ensure centres compliance with safety standards
  • Manage the sale of animal products
  • Oversee programs and facilities
  • Plan activities and delegate tasks to workers and staff
  • Promote fitness centre through advertisement

Skills required

  • Ability to follow Safety Standards
  • Communication
  • Fit and Able to Perform Physical and Repetitive Tasks
  • Leadership
  • Organisation

Working conditions

Fitness Centre Managers work indoors in large facilities as well as in office settings. They work a general Monday through Friday work week, excluding holidays. Strong organisation and communication skills are required for this career, as well as a knowledge of specialised fitness equipment.

Professional associations / Industry information

Service Skills Australia 

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