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Lead health services, help people help themselves, and care for others. Nourish the health and wellbeing of communities. Diagnose the Australian health care system, or weigh up the state of human health globally. Prescribe solutions to health challenges from burgeoning waistlines to disease prevention. Encourage healthy lifestyles and dish out diet advice.

Exercise online study and absorb rich and wholesome advice from expert instructors with dedicated support. Digest a range of undergraduate or postgraduate study options and find one that fits you best. 

Understand yourself and other people. See how people change and grow. Champion mental wellness and help others live happier, healthier lives.

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Your future is a healthy future

Help people help themselves. Carve out your career in nutrition, management, or health research or promotion. The health and nutrition sector services society’s changing health habits and continues to grow. 

Work to understand, prevent and treat mental illness—directly with the community or through research and policy.

Complete your degree with an internationally-recognised qualification and global career opportunities.