Nutrition courses

Explore the relationship between our bodies and the food that fuels us.

When it comes to the human body, there's still a vast amount of territory that remains unexplored. There are countless questions that exist around the food we eat, and how it correlates to the health problems we exhibit.

Take the opportunity to study nutrition and make an impact on the industry, particularly in this digital age, where misinformation flows freely through such means as social media. An online nutrition course will give you the tools you need to embark upon a meaningful career, that not only improves lives, but saves them.

Anna - nutrition student with La Trobe University, through Open Universities Australia
Anna studied nutrition with La Trobe University through Open Universities Australia

What does a nutrition degree cover?

Subjects vary between courses, but areas you may delve into include:

  • Food chemistry
  • Biology and biochemistry
  • Human physiology and anatomy
  • Research and interpretation of health data
  • Food safety and security
  • Disease origin, infection and control
  • Psychology and social influence behind food consumption
  • Health promotion and community nutrition
  • Impact of exercise and diet in combination

Jobs in nutrition

Many industries can benefit from the knowledge of a food nutrition professional, so opportunities may prove to be broad-reaching.

In general, nutrition graduates end up in areas including:

  • Clinical nutrition and dietetics - Give nutrition advice to individuals and communities, design nutrition programs to combat specific health problems.
  • Food regulation - Form and review food policies and regulation, including quality assurance, and community health programs.
  • Food manufacturing - Ensure food safety in a manufacturing environment.
  • Nutrition education - Promote awareness and understanding of nutrition, through government, schools and general media.
  • Health promotion – Promote good health practices in general, including nutrition.
  • Research – Work in laboratories and research institutes to help advance nutrition knowledge.

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